Human Computer Interaction

Benedikt Hosp

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University of Tübingen
Dpt. of Computer Science
Human-Computer Interaction
Sand 14
72076 Tübingen

+49 - (0) 70 71 - 29 - 78996
+49 - (0) 70 71 - 29 - 50 62
Sand 14, C205a
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Research Interests

  • Cognitive training systems
  • Omnidirectional video segmentation
  • Gaze behaviour of athletes
  • Expertise classification
  • Virtual Reality
  • Remote Eye Tracking
  • High Speed Eye Tracking


Encodji: Encoding Gaze Data Into Emoji Space for an Amusing Scanpath Classification Approach ;)

by Wolfgang Fuhl, Efe Bozkir, Benedikt Hosp, Nora Castner, David Geisler, Thiago C., and Enkelejda Kasneci

In Eye Tracking Research and Applications, 2019.


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RemoteEye: An Open Source remote Eye Tracker

by B. Hosp, S. Evazi, M. Maurer, W. Fuhl, and E. Kasneci

In Behavior Research Methods, BRM, 2019.


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BORE: Boosted-oriented edge optimization for robust, real time remote pupil center detection

by W. Fuhl, S. Eivazi, B. Hosp, A. Eivazi, W. Rosenstiel, and E. Kasneci

In Eye Tracking Research and Applications, ETRA, 2018.


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