3D Gaze Estimation Using Eye Vergence

500,000 images closer to eyelid and pupil segmentation

A MinHash approach for fast scanpath classification

A New Method for Assessing the Exploratory Field of View (EFOV)

A Novel -Eye-Tracking Sensor for AR Glasses Based on Laser Self-Mixing Showing Exceptional Robustness Against Illumination

A Novel Camera-Free Eye Tracking Sensor for Augmented Reality based on Laser Scanning

Aggregating physiological and eye tracking signals to predict perception in the absence of ground truth

Algorithms for the comparison of visual scan patterns

An Inconspicuous and Modular Head-Mounted Eye Tracker

Analysis of eye movements with Eyetrace

Arbitrarily shaped areas of interest based on gaze density gradient

Assessment of Driver Attention During a Safety Critical Situation in VR to Generate VR-based Training

Auswirkungen des visuellen Explorationsverhaltens von Patienten mit binokularen Gesichtsfelddefekten auf alltagsrelevante Tätigkeiten - Ergebnisse der TUTOR-Studie

Automated Comparison of Scanpaths in Dynamic Scenes

Automated Visual Scanpath Analysis Reveals the Expertise Level of Micro-neurosurgeons

Automatic Mapping of Remote Crowd Gaze to Stimuli in the Classroom

Automatic generation of saliency-based areas of interest

BORE: Boosted-oriented edge optimization for robust, real time remote pupil center detection

Bayesian Identification of Fixations, Saccades, and Smooth Pursuits

Bayesian Online Clustering of Eye-Tracking Data

Binocular Glaucomatous Visual Field Loss and Its Impact on Visual Exploration - A Supermarket Study

Brightness- and Motion-Based Blink Detection for Head-Mounted Eye Trackers

CBF:Circular binary features for robust and real-time pupil center detection

CalibMe: Fast and Unsupervised Eye Tracker Calibration for Gaze-Based Pervasive Human-Computer Interaction

Camera-Free Eye Tracking Sensor for Augmented Reality based on Laser Scanning

Deep semantic gaze embedding and scanpath comparison for expertise classification during OPT viewing

Development and Evaluation of a Gaze Feedback System Integrated into EyeTrace

Distilling Location Proposals of Unknown Objects Through Gaze Information for Human-Robot Interaction

Driver Intention Anticipation Based on In-Cabin and Driving Scene Monitoring

Driver-Activity Recognition in the Context of Conditionally Autonomous Driving

Driving with Binocular Visual Field Loss? A Study on a Supervised On-road Parcours with Simultaneous Eye and Head Tracking

Driving with Glaucoma: Task Performance and Gaze Movements

Driving with Homonymous Visual Field Defects: Driving Performance and Compensatory Gaze Movements

Effectiveness of Software-Based Hardening for Radiation-Induced Soft Errors in Real-Time Operating Systems

ElSe: Ellipse Selection for Robust Pupil Detection in Real-World Environments

Encodji: Encoding Gaze Data Into Emoji Space for an Amusing Scanpath Classification Approach ;)

Erste Ergebnisse der TUTOR-Pilotstudie: Binokulare Gesichtsfeldausfälle und deren Auswirkungen auf die visuelle Exploration

Evaluating the Radiation Reliability of Dependability-Oriented Real-Time Operating Systems

Evaluation of Failure Masking Across the Software Stack

Evaluation of State-of-the-Art Pupil Detection Algorithms on Remote Eye Images

ExCuSe: Robust Pupil Detection in Real-World Scenarios

Explainable Online Validation of Machine Learning Models for Practical Applications

Exploiting Cache Conflicts to Reduce Radiation Sensitivity of Operating Systems on Embedded Systems

Exploiting the GBVS for Saliency aware Gaze Heatmaps

Exploiting the potential of eye movements analysis in the driving context

Eye movement simulation and detector creation to reduce laborious parameter adjustments

Eye movement velocity and gaze data generator for evaluation, robustness testing and assess of eye tracking software and visualization tools

Eye tracking as a tool to evaluate functional ability in everyday tasks in glaucoma

Eye-Hand Behavior in Human-Robot Shared Manipulation

EyeLad: Remote Eye Tracking Image Labeling Tool

EyeRec: An Open-source Data Acquisition Software for Head-mounted Eye-tracking

EyeRecToo: Open-Source Software for Real-Time Pervasive Head-Mounted Eye-Tracking

Eyes Wide Open? Eyelid Location and Eye Aperture Estimation for Pervasive Eye Tracking in Real-World Scenarios

Eyetrace2014: Eyetracking Data Analysis Tool

Fahrzeugentwicklung für eine Gesellschaft im demografischen Wandel. H. Häfner, K. Beyreuther, W. Schlicht (Hrsg.). Altern gestalten, Medizin, Technik, Umwelt

Fast and Robust Eyelid Outline and Aperture Detection in Real-World Scenarios

Fast camera focus estimation for gaze-based focus control

Fast extraction of neuron morphologies from large-scale electron-microscopic image stacks

Feature-based attentional influences on the accommodation response

Ferns for area of interest free scanpath classification

From perception to action using supervised learning based on observations

Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Raw Eye Tracking Data Segmentation, Generation, and Reconstruction

Gaze guidance for the visually impaired

Get a Grip: Slippage-Robust and Glint-Free Gaze Estimation for Real-Time Pervasive Head-Mounted Eye Tracking

Histogram of oriented velocities for eye movement detection

Homonymous Visual Field Loss and its Impact on Visual Exploration - A Supermarket Study

Image-based extraction of eye features for robust eye tracking

Improving Real-Time CNN-Based Pupil Detection Through Domain-Specific Data Augmentation

Introduction of a Portable Campimeter Based on a Laptop/Tablet PC

Learning to validate the quality of detected landmarks

Low Power Scanned Laser Eye Tracking for Retinal Projection AR Glasses

MAM: Transfer learning for fully automatic video annotation and specialized detector creation

Methode zur Messung der physiologischen Blendung im Fahrsimulator

Mobile and fast detection of visual field defects for elderly drivers as a necessary input into driver assistance systems for mobility maintenance

Monitoring Response Quality During Campimetry Via Eye-Tracking

Multi Layer Neural Networks as Replacement for Pooling Operations

Neural networks for optical vector and eye ball parameter estimation

Non-Intrusive Practitioner Pupil Detection for Unmodified Microscope Oculars

Novel methods for analysis and visualization of saccade trajectories

On the necessity of adaptive eye movement classification in conditionally automated driving scenarios

Online Classification of Eye Tracking Data for Automated Analysis of Traffic Hazard Perception

Online Recognition of Fixations, Saccades, and Smooth Pursuits for Automated Analysis of Traffic Hazard Perception

Online recognition of driver-activity based on visual scanpath classification

Optimal eye movement strategies: a comparison of neurosurgeons gaze patterns when using a surgical microscope

Overlooking: The nature of gaze behavior and anomaly detection in expert dentists

Person Independent, Privacy Preserving, and Real Time Assessment of Cognitive Load using Eye Tracking in a Virtual Reality Setup

Privacy Preserving Gaze Estimation using Synthetic Images via a Randomized Encoding Based Framework

PuRe: Robust Pupil Detection for Real-Time Pervasive Eye Tracking

PuReST: Robust Pupil Tracking for Real-Time Pervasive Eye Tracking

Pupil detection for head-mounted eye tracking in the wild: An evaluation of the state of the art

Pupil diameter differentiates expertise in dental radiography visual search

PupilNet v2.0: Convolutional Neural Networks for Robust Pupil Detection

PupilNet: Convolutional Neural Networks for Robust Pupil Detection

Real-time 3D Glint Detection in Remote Eye Tracking Based on Bayesian Inference

Region of interest generation algorithms for eye tracking data

Reinforcement learning for the privacy preservation and manipulation of eye tracking data

Reliability Analysis of Operating Systems and Software Stack for Embedded Systems

Reliability Analysis of Operating Systems for Embedded System-on-Chips

Reliable Classification of visual field defects in automated perimetry using clustering

RemoteEye: An Open Source remote Eye Tracker

RemoteEye: An open-source high-speed remote eye tracker

Rendering refraction and reflection of eyeglasses for synthetic eye tracker images

Rotated Ring, Radial and Depth Wise Separable Radial Convolutions

Rule based learning for eye movement type detection

Rule-based classification of visual field defects

Saliency Sandbox: Bottom-Up Saliency Framework

Scanpath comparison in medical image reading skills of dental students

Selective suppression of local circuits during movement preparation in the mouse motor cortex

Self-Supervised Learning of Pose Embeddings From Spatiotemporal Relations in Videos

Stress-indicators and exploratory gaze for the analysis of hazard perception in patients with visual field loss

SubsMatch 2.0: Scanpath comparison and classification based on subsequence frequencies

SubsMatch: Scanpath Similarity in Dynamic Scenes based on Subsequence Frequencies

Talking with Your Hands: Scaling Hand Gestures and Recognition with CNNs

Teachers’ Perception in the Classroom

Teachers’ Perception in the Classroom

The Applicability of Probabilistic Methods to the Online Recognition of Fixations and Saccades in Dynamic Scenes

The Art of Pervasive Eye Tracking: Unconstrained Eye Tracking in the Austrian Gallery Belvedere

The Perception Engineer’s Toolkit for Eye-Tracking data analysis

The applicability of Cycle GANs for pupil and eyelid segmentation, data generation and image refinement

The display makes a difference: A mobile eye tracking study on the perception of art before and after a museum’s rearrangement

Tiny convolution, decision tree, and binary neuronal networks for robust and real time pupil outline estimation

Towards Automated Scan Pattern Analysis for Dynamic Scenes

Towards Intelligent Surgical Microscopes: Surgeons Gaze and Instrument Tracking

Towards automated comparison of eye-tracking recordings in dynamic scenes

Towards automatic skill evaluation in microsurgery

Towards pervasive eye tracking

Towards the Automated Recognition of Assistance Need for Drivers with Impaired Visual Field

Training Decision Trees as Replacement for Convolution Layers

Using Eye Tracking to Evaluate and Develop Innovative Teaching Strategies for Fostering Image Reading Skills of Novices in Medical Training

Vishnoo - An Open-Source Software for Vision Research

Ways of improving the precision of eye tracking data: Controlling the influence of dirt and dust on pupil detection

Weight and Gradient Centralization in Deep Neural Networks

Zukünftige Fahrzeuge adaptieren sich auf den Fahrer: Identifikation charakteristischer Verhaltensmerkmale von Fahrzeugführern unter demographischen Gesichtspunkten