Human Computer Interaction

Finished Thesis Topics

If you are interested in writing a thesis (in German or English) in the scope of one of our research topics, just come talk to us.

List of already finished thesis topics

Vein extraction and eye rotation determination

The first step is setting up an recording environment with fixed subject position. This environment is used for data acquisition with predefined head rotations of the subjects. Based on this data an algorithm has to be developed measuring the eyeball rotation of the subject. The resulting angle is then compared and validated based on the head rotation.

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EyeTrace CUDA extesion

EyeTrace is a software for gaze data visualization and analysis. Due to the increasing amount of data these visualizations need more computation time. In this thesis existing visualizations should be implemented using CUDA for GPU computations. Additionally this includes a data storage model making it possible to shift the data between the GPU and the host computer. Due to the fact that nowadays not all computers have a CUDA capable card the modul should also allow CPU computations. This should be determined automatically by the module.

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Ein Dashboard für Eyetrace

Die Eyetrace Software bietet eine Vielzahl an Visualisierungsmöglchkeiten für Eye-Tracking Daten. In diesem Projekt soll eine grafisch ansprechende Übersicht über die momentan ins Programm geladenen Daten erzeugt werden.

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3D Eyeball generation based on vein motion

The first step is robust feature extraction. This can be done using SURF, SIFT, BRISK or MSER features if sufficient. Those features have to be mapped on features found in consecutive images. Based on the displacement a 3D model has to be computed. This model is used afterwards for gaze position estimation.

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