Human Computer Interaction


In this paper, we introduce EyeRecToo, an open-source software for real-time pervasive head-mounted eye-tracking. Out of the box, EyeRecToo offers multiple real-time state-of-the-art pupil detection and gaze estimation methods, which can be easily replaced by user implemented algorithms if desired. A novel calibration method that allows users to calibrate the system without the assistance of a human supervisor is also integrated. Head-mounted eye tracking offers remarkable opportunities for research and applications regarding pervasive health monitoring, mental state inference, and human computer interaction in dynamic scenarios. Although a plethora of software for the acquisition of eye-tracking data exists, they often exhibit critical issues when pervasive eye tracking is considered, e.g., closed source, costly eye tracker hardware dependencies, and requiring a human supervisor for calibration. Moreover, this software supports multiple head-mounted eye-tracking hardware, records eye and scene videos, and stores pupil and gaze information, which are also available as a real-time stream. Thus, EyeRecToo serves as a framework to quickly enable pervasive eye-tracking research and applications.

Video Tutorial



For convenience, we also provide the ERTViewer.exe application, which allows one to visualize, do some basic annotation, and record gaze-overlayed videos from an EyeRecToo recording. Note: This is just a temporary application until we start integrating a data viewer/analyzer for video data in Eyetrace. There are some bugs (e.g., the overlayed pupil can be slightly unsynchronized), and there is no focus on usability nor documentation.



EyeRec: An Open-source Data Acquisition Software for Head-mounted Eye-tracking

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EyeRecToo: Open-Source Software for Real-Time Pervasive Head-Mounted Eye-Tracking

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